Ahmad Tijani Pendiri Tarekat Tijaniyah

This house can still be visited today, and although it has fallen into a state of disrepair, its original majesty has not been lost. It has an expansive courtyard decorated entirely with blue and yellow zellij tile work with a large fountain in the middle, flanked by a number of rooms that include what was the Shaykh’s library, a room for khalwa (spiritual retreat), a salon, the bedroom, the kitchen, etc., with rooms for the Shaykh’s family and guests on the second floor. It is easy to imagine the house serving as the center of prayer and for the teaching and diffusion of the Shaykh’s ideas.

Established in Fes, the Shaykh’s following continued to grow, prompting him in 1215 (1800), by order of the Prophet, to begin construction of the Tijani zawiya that still serves as a place of congregation for the order to this day. The construction of this fabulous specimen of Moroccan artistry was financed by Tijani’s followers as well as from his own funds.

Shaykh Ahmad Tijani passed from this world in 1230 (1815) at the age of eighty. He left behind him a firmly established order, the Tariqa Muhammadiyya emphasis of which inspired many of his later followers to renew and spread Islam in diverse communities far from the mother zawiya in Fes. Shaykh Ahmad Tijani was buried in his zawiya in Fes, which today remains a center of congregation for Tijanis around the world.

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